the Cthulhus

Space Dub from Van Nuys

The Cthulhus began in the sweltering summer of 2008.  In a cramped Van Nuys apartment, one Travis Cthulhu was born.  Immediately he acquired a 4 track cassette recorder from the local Guitar Center and proceeded to record observations of his daily mundane existence in the heart of the San Fernando valley, and set those observations to music. He began recording hallucinatory songs about swimming pool drownings, freeways, the drive thru window at the local Jack in the Box.  He quickly recorded 2 CD's worth of music.

Several years later he shifted location and wound up in the heart of Silverlake.  At this location he recorded constantly and began making personal appearances at local venues such as The Smell, The Bordello, Pehrspace, HM 157, Ham and Eggs tavern, The Handbag Factory, playing his strange psychedelic brand of space dub.  In the meantime he produced 1 LP, and 4 more CD's worth of music.  Recently he has been joined by other Cthulhus, and is now playing shows with underlying bass supports.